Tuesday, June 23, 2009

DMTF Enters Cloud Computing


The DMTF Standards Incubation Process: Promoting Open Collaboration throughout the Standard Lifecycle

By Josh Cohen, Vice Chairman of the Board and Process Committee Chair

With the launch of the Open Cloud Standards Incubator in late April, DMTF initiated its first effort using the standards incubation process. DMTF incubators are designed to enable members to work together to produce informational specifications that can later be submitted for further standards development.


Message from the Chairman: Entering the Cloud

By: Mike Baskey, Chairman of the Board

On April 27, 2009, DMTF announced the formation of the Open Cloud Standards Incubator, which will focus on management of private and hybrid clouds. This is a significant development for DMTF. First, this is the first time DMTF has invoked the Standards Incubation process, providing another means of encouraging vendor collaboration in a more public and open way. This news also marks the entry of DMTF into an exciting new arena that is relevant to both our members

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